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Chapel Saint Afre

chapelle sainte afre


Afre or Afra in german.

Afre of Augsbourg, in german Afra († 304 at Friedberg) is a martyr of the IIIe century who lived in the present Bavaria. It has since 1064 a saint of the Roman Catholic Church commemorated on 5 August.

Afre was canonized in 1064. It is celebrated on 7 August by Catholics. Saint Afre is the patroness of the city and the diocese of Augsbourg (with saint Ulrich and saint Simpert). It is invoked by penitents, The girls of joy repented and in case of fire.


The choir of the chapel

sainte afre




1946 Binational EuroAirport Bâle Mulhouse

The first infrastructures of the Basel-Mulhouse binational airport were built in two months, To be inaugurated on May 8, 1946 after hosting their first civilian aircraft a few days earlier, on 2 may.
1945 An agreement in principle at the end of which France made available the land. Switzerland builds tracks and buildings.

Airport of Bâle-Mulhouse, in 1987 becomes the EuroAirport brand Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
2015 - Exceeding 7 million passengers


EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg



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