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The big zebra to the right 34-year-old Ludovic the elder son, his 23-year-old younger sister Cyrielle and close by the big 32-year-old brunette Emanuelle.

The Family

A sport family and loving the nature


gite rural

We're an active couple fifties year.

After 6 movings, via Picardy and southwest, we decided to put down roots in my home town.

One of the most beautiful villages of the South Alsace, otherwise the best, We enjoy an excellent life quality. That should please you.

Paints which decorate the holiday cottage, the kitchen, the animals and the hikes are the main centers of Brigitte's interest..

As for me, I am in the advertising agency.. I like the a little more sports hikes, the nature, and the journeys ... among others.

We like both, the varied and authentic contacts. And, let us make so that our hosts keep a good memory of their passage. It is maybe, that the essentials part.




Or exchange of house or residence